15/6, such a happy long weekend

It is the last long weekend in first-half year. We could not enjoy long weekend until Oct, except any annual leave or sick leave. I am not sure how long I can bear it. We had planned do something on those days since the beginning of May. We wanna go to the inn in Hahndorf, one little Germany town which is not far from our city. We miss the Germany style dish in that inn. We had a dinner there long time ago. The memory is going blur, hard to recall anything. It was a plan for two of us, but it turned out 4 of us, Xin and her Mr. joined us. It was so fun, I am so glad to invite them.


We made schedule last night via MSN. And today we hit the road around 11. We got there at lunch time., we were just wandering along main street. There is many cute shops on both sides of street. But our tummy made us straight to that inn, skipped all other temptations like chocolate shop. Hahndorf inn is the hottest restaurant, it does not even have any available seat inside that is warm and better atmosphere. But we have no choice, otherwise we have to wait like 2 hours for seat inside. It was ok for outside dinning but cold. I’d rather do that other seasons than winter. But we have European street view, and listen to music played by accordion player. We had hot chocolate and hot soup to warm us up, instead of beer which we should have. And Germany platter and pork hock and wedge with sweet chilli, sour cream sauce. Three main courses with good price and quality were far too much for four people. And I forgot to take pics. We will be there again shortly.


How is my work? It is going well. I moved to option 2 to resolve problem, I enjoy that more than just follow up information. I keep telling myself I should do CCNA in this year, I should start now. But I am lazy and I let me this way, got excuses for myself, just wanna be lazy. However, CCNA will be done sooner or later this year, because I wanna be professional, it is the way to be professional. Be positive and go.


Every of my friends have their own problem. Life treats everyone differently, but it is fair to everyone, including sweet and bitter. Do not jealous others with the sweet part you do not have, do not feel bad luck just because those difficulties you have been though. Every bitter part will be gone and every sweet part will be sweeter. Just live with them, enjoy or suffer them. Everything will be sweet and remarkable in your life. Do not be upset for yourself. Please, my friends, be brave.


My kitch, sweetie kitch


4 Responses to 15/6, such a happy long weekend

  1. T说道:

    you bought it? more photos 😛

  2. Min说道:

    yes, my property in Aus. more pics coming

  3. T说道:


  4. Min说道:

    Hillcrest, should not be too far from yours


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