there is a kind of life I was chasing. when I got, stuck in it. I want to get rid of it。I am looking for the opposite one again。
I always lost in my dream,suddenly, I lost my direction. is it the light part right, or should I try the dark side?
here, everyone slow down to enjoy life. it’s hard to explain. but taking time over a meal, shopping for the ingredients, perparing the food, choosing the wine,…and then lingering to talk after it’s finished. or even sitting in a cafe with a coffee or a glass of wine. people enjoy that.here maybe you think we are loony,or lazy.There,everyone’s in such a rush to grab something ar some fasr food place and keep on going like life’s a big race and the first one to get to the finish line wins.here you want ro enjoy the journey.
two kind of life. I belong to …..?


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